Full refund for cancellations made up to 30 days prior to arrival. If the reservation is made when less than
30 days to arrival, guests will receive a full refund as long as they cancel within 48 hours after booking and
at least 14 days before the start of the stay. After that period, guests receive a 50% refund if they cancel within
7 days of arrival. After that period, they do not receive any refund.

NOTICE: There is no refund on any International nor national holidays.


And Assumption Of Risk During The Stay At SARAB


I understand and acknowledge that by signing this I am legally agreeing to the statements in the following Agreement for the
stay at Sarab, Waiver, Demarcation and Release of Liability and recognized by the Released Parties, such
as defined below. I hereby acknowledge under protest to tell the truth, freely and voluntarily for myself and on behalf of
of my spouse, partner, children, parents, guardians, heirs and any legal or personal representative, executors, administrators,
successors and assigns, or any other person who could claim the following:

I understand that Sarab have taken the necessary precautions to make the stay safe and I confirm that I participate in this activity at my own risk, Sarab is not responsible for any negligence on my part.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: All valuables and personal belongings are my responsibility for the entire stay.
Sarab cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of my belongings.

PLANTS, ANIMALS AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Sarab is not responsible for accidents or damage caused
due to weather conditions, animal bites or stings, or irritation from existing plants in the area. I’ll take my distance from
wild animals to avoid injury to them or to myself.

ACTIVITIES: Sarab is not responsible for accidents or damages caused by activities of any kind
such as hiking, biking, target shooting, using the Jacuzzi or pool, underground rappelling or any other activity. To its
time Sarab are not responsible for burns due to proximity to the campfire or any other source of fire. I will take
caution when performing any activity to avoid injury to myself. Likewise, any photograph or video with or without audio
of my stay may be used for marketing or advertising purposes.

1.-ASSUMPTION OF RISK. I hereby acknowledge and assume all risks in staying at Sarab.
I acknowledge and accept that during my stay there may be significant risks to my person and dangers of accidents that may
involve personal injury, including death, and/or property damage. The above may be the result of my own
actions, inactions and omissions, as well as derived from the actions, inactions or omissions of others. In addition, there are other risks
unknown to me and not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I have considered the nature and extent of the risks
known and unknown, including risks resulting from the negligence of the Released Parties (defined below) or others.
I declare that it is my will to stay at Sarab and I assume all risks related to it.

This list is not exhaustive and any concerns should be brought to the attention of Sarab staff. For reasons
security, we reserve the right of admission

2.-RELEASE OF LIABILITY. I hereby personally and on behalf of my heirs representatives, insurers,

successors and assigns, I fully and forever waive and forever release and release Sarab , its owners, shareholders, directors, related companies, subsidiaries and affiliates and their respective officials,
employees and agents (“the Released Parties”) of any claims, liabilities of any kind that you may have or in the
present or in the future for damages, damages or losses (including without limitation, personal damages, direct, indirect,
incidental, special, compensatory, moral, consequential, punitive, psychological, material pain or suffering
or of any other type), loss and damages (economic and non-economic) or expenses (including, without limitation, the fees
of lawyers)
product of personal injury, including my death and/or property damage that may result in any way or
result as a consequence of my stay, whether due to the negligence of any of the Released Parties or in any other way,
to the maximum permitted by law.

3.-NON-SUIT AGREEMENT. By this means, fully and forever, I waive any legal action and I undertake not to
sue any of the Released Parties for any claim, demand, damage, right of action or cause of action,
present or future, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unforeseen, resulting during my stay or visit. In the same way
I fully understand and am waiving from today and forever under oath to tell the truth any right or action to
sue or make any claim against the Released Parties if I suffer any injury or damage, even though I don’t know what or how much
serious the injuries and damages could be. I further agree and agree not to sue any of the Released Parties for any of
the claims that I have released in this Agreement. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify and hold
harmless to the Released Parties from any demand or claim including each and every one of the expenses incurred,
claims made by me or other natural or legal persons for liabilities imposed or determined towards the Parties
Released, including without limitation, costs, attorneys’ fees, costs, expenses, or that may result directly or indirectly,
in whole or in part, from my breach of any part of this Agreement and/or derived from my actions, inactions or omissions that
cause injury or damage to any other person.

4-VALIDITY OF THIS AGREEMENT. I fully understand and agree that if I exercise or assert, or any
person on my behalf exercises or asserts any legal action or any demand or claim for damages or for any other
cause against any of the Released Parties due to damages or losses to my person or property derived from my stay
at Sarab and to the activities covered by this Agreement. I acknowledge and agree that this Agreement, including any
additions, modifications, or supplements, can and will be used as evidence in court, and I acknowledge that agreements such
as thishave been confirmed as valid in courts in similar circumstances.

5.- WAIVER OF LEGAL ACTIONS, TRIAL/JURISDICTION/HEADINGS. This agreement and demarcation extends to any
claim that may be made by my heirs, assigns or legal representatives in Mexico and abroad, as well as any
claim against any person or entity, including travel agencies, cruise lines, hotels, company representatives
of tourism, among others, that have been involved directly or indirectly in the promotion, commercialization and/or reservation of
stay in any way. If this Agreement is violated and a claim is brought against any of the Released Parties, by
I hereby waive my right to a trial and to venue other than jurisdiction and venue under oath to tell the truth.
of the courts of Ensenada, State of Baja California, Mexico. I agree that the headers used in this
Agreement are for convenience only and have no bearing on the interpretation of this Agreement.

6.-MEDICAL ATTENTION, I hereby give my consent to receive medical attention and treatment that is considered appropriate
in case of injury, accident or illness during my stay. If necessary, I authorize Sarab or any
of its agents, employees, volunteers, affiliates or designees to perform or consent to such medical care and treatment. I understand
that this authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment or hospital care that is required, and
I hereby authorize you to provide the medical care that you deem appropriate in your opinion. I agree to be responsible and assume
responsibility for any and all costs and expenses incurred as a result of my stay.

7.-DIVISIBILITY. I agree that if one or more provisions of this Agreement are found by a court to be unenforceable
or invalid, the remaining provisions will remain binding and enforceable against me. If any provision or part of this
Agreement has several Interpretations, one of which would make the disposition or part null and the other would validate the
provision, then the provision or part shall have the meaning that makes it valid.

8.- RECOGNITION. By signing this Agreement, I declare that I am in good health and in adequate physical condition.
to stay at Sarab. I agree that I am responsible and take full responsibility for determine if I am physically fit and
healthy enough to stay. I acknowledge that I have read all above provisions, I am over  18 years of age and fully understand
the terms and conditions expressed therein and I agree to be bound by said terms and conditions and if I am under 18 years
of age, my parents, or whoever has parental authority or legally represent me will sign on my behalf.